Book Review #1: Moneyball

Well, it has been a long while since I’ve done a book review so here goes everybody. This weeks book is Moneyball from Michael Lewis.


This Non-Fiction book following the 2002 Oakland A’s, where the author seeming had full coverage to interview anyone on staff to discuss the unusual way the General Manager Billy Bean added and removed players to his ball club. Billy and his right-hand man (Paul) and implemented the idea of Sabermetrics. It was a statistical measure (not on the Box Score) created by Bill James to evaluate talent.


See, I have Numbers.

For non-ball players, this idea was revolutionary (especially for Fantasy Leauge players), but the ballplayers and scouts felt differently.

The scouts thought the only way to determine talent was to see them on the field, but sabermetrics put a spin on the whole idea. It evaluated talent purely on statistics and not on any visual observation.

Billy and his statistician were on to something.


They saw on-base percentage as a more valuable stat a player could have than batting average. The two determined that getting on base (in whatever way possible) is more valuable than just putting the ball in play to maybe get out. Walks were a stat mentioned throughout the book, they even mentioned how a guy is “The Greek God of Walks.”

The reason the A’s had to use such “odd” measures, was because they had no money to spend. They were forced to pick up unproven or washed up talent, which always rose an eyebrow of each and every scout.

That season these guys put together a team with a low salary that competed with the team with the highest salaries, the New York Yankees.


It almost looks unfair, but both teams ended with the same record 103-58

This was such a fun book, reading I couldn’t help but think of Brad Pitt’s voice whenever Billy Bean spoke. His sense of humor was priceless.

Another of my favorite bits of the story was the nostalgia factor. I was a huge fan of baseball from 1998-2008, and that tenure was mentioned throughout the book. Reading names like Jeremy Bonderman, Prince Fielder, Ray Durham, Jeff Francis, Zach Greinke and Cliff Floyd all had me rolling due to my knowledge of said players from video games from the era.


It was a good book where it had me convinced that there is something more, something better for me to look forward to. Heck, the book almost had me convinced that I should search for a front office job in baseball to make something better. Deep down THAT’S my dream to build a business or a company better and this book reminded me of that.

This makes me wonder if there’s a sabermetrics to Self-publishing. HMM?

I give this book a 4 out of 5 due to me not reading it a decade ago.

Now I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book.


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2018 Goals

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything, so this is me apologizing for being absent for many months. This long-awaited post is designated for 2018, here I am choosing to make a post on my goals for 2018.

Here are my goals.

Goal #1

Read TWO books a month and post a short review

Ok so I missed January, but I promise to make it up throughout the year. Heck, I’ve nearly finished a book now and should be through by the end of the week.


Goal #2

Self-Publish my book

Before anyone comments: “Are writing a book?” I’ll make this clear I wrote a book, and I’m currently in the process of making the sequel. I’ve been working on this story for nearly 9 years, and I’m sick of re-reading it so I’d rather talk about it, so if you have any questions or comments feel free to message me anytime.

Self-Publishing is hard work and takes a toll on your wallet.

I don’t roll like this…yet.

I’m currently searching for a content editor and cover designer decent price as my budget tight with other projects for the year.


Goal #3

Write my Second Novel


This goal is tricky as it has been two years since I’ve finished my first novel and it has taken a full year to outline the second. With the experience form the first I hope to be done with the second’s first draft by Christmas. I’d say that’s a doable timetable.


Goal #4

Create a Digital Movie Library

For the past few months, I’ve been enjoying my friend’s (Tom Cat) digital movie library. It has been pretty neat since he adds new movies every few weeks and has a library grown up to around 300 (maybe?). He’d put in a lot of work and effort, where I’d look there prior looking on Netflix.

Now, this has me thinking from where my friends and family ask: “Do you have…(so and so)? Because we want to watch it.”

Why not make it where they can watch it so nobody has to leave their home or wait 20 mins for me to arrive with a physical copy when you can log in and begin streaming in seconds.

Now granted this is not a one-time goal but more of a continuous one, as I’ll be adding movies to the library forever.

Thanks for reading!


Done Deal

Guys and girls I just completed an edit on my 6th draft (maybe).

I did it as a challenge. In August a friend said I should be done in December. Well guys it aint even mid October and I’m finished.

What does that mean?

Is it sloppy or am I that ambitious?

I vote the ladder.

Ok for the remainder of the month I’ll work on the perfect query letter and prep for nanowrimo



Evil Dictator?

635995244393404007568025242_evil-bunny-rabbit-drawing-artistic-1920x1200-wallpaper87781Well, sometimes a playlist on shuffle will play two consecutive songs from the same artist, but when it plays two consecutive songs with the same theme that’s lucky or kinda…erie.

Yesterday my phone played Muse- Take a Bow

Muse – Take a Bow [Live From Wembley Stadium]

Following this epic about the responsibility and burden a politician must carry was this GEM

Tears For Fears – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – ORIGINAL VIDEO

Sorry Tears For Fears I’ll pass.

Editing woes

So this morning I finished putting red ink on my physical manuscript.

Woot woot!

Do you like the title?

It was a daunting task cleaning up my five year old baby, but once I got tue ball rolling I couldn’t stop. A friend wrote me in on being done by January but I’ll show him.

All thats left is the word file.

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Book Exerts

Lately I’ve been polishing my 2nd draft and I’m about 40 pages out and I wanted you guys to get a sneek peak of my story. Here are a few exerts from my manuscript.


Sean balled up his fists, “Its not a fight if its one sided.”       -Page 74


“Listen, I don’t know what to expect past the men’s restroom but its not Amanda,” Mark said as Sean’s stomach turned. “We’ve drawn our line in the sand and its her side against us. Are you with us or her?”       -Page 75


His target stared down the barrel of a .45, memorizing every scratch on the seven pounds of steel. He looked up at the gunman’s eyes, which were almost smiling.         -Page 88


“How good of a detective is Mark?” Roland placed his cigar atop the rail and stood up.

“Terrible,” Morgan said. “He couldn’t finde his dick if testicals were eyeballs.”

“Well at least you have time on your side.”      -Page 98


Then he heard the scareiest close range sounds of his life: the noice of a pump action shotgun.        -Page 182


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Story Blip

Now we have finally reached the plug for my story. Ok here’s the brief synopsis.


King’s Anarchy takes place in LA in the early 1990’s and follows a club of college age thieves, where AMANDA a drug addict, is on thouts with the group. She ponders on stealing the group’s FISHER ACCOUNT of a rumored million dollars, where half their income settled. As she showd interest so did elder member MARK who wanted to put her six feet under more than getting his money. Who will grab the group’s MILLION DOLLAR SCHOLARSHIP?

What do you guys think? Would you buy thst for a dollar? Or maybe 75 cent?

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