Movie Quotes: House on Haunted Hill (1999)

Decent horror (I guess) movie House on Haunted Hill (1999) had some good quotes

Scene 1

(After Eddie spilled Pritchett’s drink)

Sara: I’m about to figure out exactly what or who Melissa was taping.

Eddie: what, then where will we be?

Pritchett: Out of Scotch thanks to you, ass.

Scene 2

[Price surprises Eddie, Sara, and Pritchett. Eddie almost shoots Price with his gun]

Eddie: That’s a good way to get your head blown off, man!

Stephen Price: I’ll recommend it to Evelyn. (His wife whom he wants dead)

Scene 3

Stephen Price: Let’s go back down and greet your guests, show them the real you. Corny as Kansas on the Fourth of July.

Evelyn: My guests were shredded. It’s your sick little scene now: enjoy. I’m gonna run scolding water over the place you just touched me, and then I’m calling a cab.


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