Book #2 : Patriot Games

Welcome to another one of my book reviews.

For this review, I read Tom Clancy’s Patriot Games.


No, I didn’t watch the movie and make my book review, (That’s so high school). But I did check it out from my middle school library. (Reading the F-word in a school library book at 12 is magic.)



To be honest, this was a tough book to read. (I’ll tell you why in a sec.)

Here’s why it was a tough read

  • Jack Ryan was cast as Alec Baldwin in 1990 The Hunt for Red October. I hadn’t seen that movie; instead I’ve seen Harrison Ford’s Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger (As a kid every time I see present I read president). So whenever Jack speaks, I hear Ford’s dry delivery instead of the always cool (and sometimes sexy) voice of Alec Baldwin. I’d have to back track my words through dialogue, a complete nightmare.


  • There is a spot where this book is very dry. The hardback book starts on page 11 where the Ryan family are on vacation in London then bang a  terrorist attack. Jack saves the day and…. we don’t leave London till 147. For me, I hate going through backstory which is what happened for 10 or 12 pages, but for another 30 pages, nothing of significance happened. The only thing important at the dinner scene was people know he worked at the CIA. My favorite scene in London was the trial, Sean Bean was a perfect Sean Miller. London was not the only time the book dragged there were several, but it was the main.

Honestly, those are my only real complaints. I was gonna add another such as Robby not getting enough page time, but Mr. Clancy made up for it by the end. (Those last 100 pages.)


  • The last 100 pages
  • The violence
  • Sean Miller = Sean Bean
  • Robby Jackson = Samual L. Jackson (I believe Samual L. Jackson based is personality off this character)
  • Sean Miller and Alex Dobbens on the page together = GOLD


Despite all the criticism I’ve given the pacing and my sometimes-horrible reading ability (?), this book subjectively receives 4 creepy Tom Clancy heads out of 5.

4 out of 5

Thank you, Tom Clancy, and may you rest in peace.

My apologies for this arriving so late- Life happened. So here is my belated book 2 review.



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