Book Review for Ghosts of Belfast (Or The Twelve)



Ghosts of Belfast of Belfast is also Known as The Twelve, depending which region you live in, is a story that follows Gerry Fegan, a former assassin for the IRA. Fegan has been seeing ghosts (12 in fact) of people he’s killed. His decade long stint in prison was a place where the ghosts tormented him and prevent him from sleeping.

After his prion stint he goes to he bottle and as time goes by his old friends attempt to pull him back to his old life, albeit a watered down version (from planting jar bombs to threatening single woman to leave town).

Well one day a ghost gives him a visual cue to kill someone responsible for its death. Does Fegan follow through?

OK I will leave the plot there so not the spoil anything for but this story can get a little violent. Granted I like violence in books but sometimes the story gets a little extreme, like near the end, but its fitting for the character of Fegan.

Well since we’re talking about Fegan, he’s a flat character. Granted it does make sense in a way, the guy has felt guilty about killing innocent people and he can’t talk to anyone about it because they see him as crazy for seeing and talking to ghosts. As the story progressed he sees violence as fairly nonchalant but again it goes well with his all business personality.

The villains are total scumbags who you want to die. One is a complete coward and the other is similar to Fegan someone who’s a hard nosed street thug. The two are not afraid of anything  and make good adversaries against each other.

Onto my personal opinion: I received this book from my brother and all I knew about it was the back cover and said what the heck. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and I hope you will as well. 4 out of 5 or 7 out of 9

Thanks for reading!!!


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