Book #2 of January was Hammer of Angels.


This was similar to the previous book in G.T. Almasi’s The Shadowstorm series (I think its a trilogy), the first being Blades of Winter.

The book is an action/sci-fi that takes place a year after the first (early 80’s although it doesn’t mention it, more on that later), in an alternate timeline. A version where America hadn’t joined WWII and Germany ceased control of most of Europe and upper Africa.

The story follows Scarlet, a bad a** augmented (robot limbs) Level (secret agent) and her crew of Darwin (the Brains), Raj (the muscle) and a few surprise friends throughout. Their job is to infiltrate Germany help and free resistance Jewish slaves.

The book contains a ton of action (one guy is stabbed in his man region), buckets of blood, strong language (the lead swears on every page) and a lead character with a snarky sense of humor, all gave the recipe for a very fun book.

Hammer of Angels gets a 4 out of 5


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