The show opens with the entire roster outside the ring. On commentary, there are JR and JBL.

JR: Tonight, ladies and gentlemen is the start of the brand war. Our opponent is:

JBL: Damn it, JR we can’t promote the competition. The last thing we need is their show drawing ratings and my check getting smaller.

JR: This isn’t about ratings, it’s about competitive Fantasy Wrestling. And besides, your check should be smaller because all you say is MANGLE MANGLE MANGLE.

No chance…that’s what you’ve got. McMahon’s theme hits and he does his usual strut down the ring. Once he reached ringside, wrestlers stepped aside so the Boss could walk up the steps and enter the ring. A ringside official handed him a microphone and his music cut.

VINCE: We are at war with WCW (in his faux southern dialect).  WCW created a women’s show so damn it, so that’s what I did. Now you girls most prove yourself to me that this show belongs on the air. For the next twelve weeks, you girls better prove me right.


We return to JR and JBL worried about everyone’s Jobs

JBL:  If Vince is serious then you might need to go back to selling Bar-B-Q.

They transition to a singles match where one wrestler is already in the ring. result for cris cyborg gif

 UFC’s Cris Cyborg was crouched in the ring ready for her opponent come.


Sasha’s theme hits and the crowd got pumped.

MATCH 1: Sasha Banks VS Cris Cyborg

The guys on commentary mention how versatile Cyborg is and how she could turn almost anything into a submission.

Back in the ring, the match started off quick with Sasha giving her strikes and pressed her against the ropes for an Irish Whip. She countered Sasha, with a whip of her own. On the rebound,, Cyborg gave her opponent a drop toe hold and turned it into a single leg crab. Sasha quickly wiggles herself to the ropes for the break.

There Sasha realized how quick and dangerous was this former UFC competitor. With a little space to restart, the two tied up where Cyborg got behind and looked to attempt a German Suplex but Sash countered with a snapnare and followed up with a soccer kick to her lower back. Sasha then went for the Trifecta by bouncing off the ropes and giving her a dropkick in the mouth.


An angry Cyborg sat up and held her jaw but was immediately put in a chin lock. Action slowed until Cyborg got to her feet and gave some elbows to Sasha’s abdomen until she broke the hold. She then pushed Sasha and gave her a discus elbow to the jaw. Sasha dropped and rolled out the ring. On commentary, JR commented how it was one of the stiffest shots he had ever seen, and JBL said it reminded him of his clotheslines.

The Referee began to count. 1.2.3. Get Up Sasha. 4.5.6. Sasha reached the apron. 7. She got to one knee. 8. Cyborg called for Sasha to bring it. 9. She finally rolled into the ring.

Upon entry, Sasha is mauled with punches and wrapped a leg around the bottom rope and covered up. The ref counted to 4, but Cyborg never stopped. Calling for the bell, he finally pulled Cyborg off and declared Sasha, the winner by DQ.

Cyborg wanted more of a match and gave a little regret to losing her temper.



After commercials we have Angelina Love, Taeler Hendrix and Eva Marie in the ring.



The three appologize to the audience that their opponets aren’t as pretty as they are.

Out come our FACES









MATCH #2 Angelina Love and Eva Marie VS Candice LaRae and Dianna Dahlgren

Candice and Angelina start where the two lock up. After several simple holds, Candice took the upper hand with a leg sweep. Angelina was so frustrated she tagged out. Eva comes in, and Candice wrestles circles around her. She gets frustrated too and attempts to tag out but is met with Candice’s reverse Frankinstiner’s. Eva was motionless as the crowd went wild. Taeler attempted to enter the ring, but Claudia swept her feet, knocking her off the apron. Dianna proceeded to dive on her from the apron. Candice goes fro the pin and Angelina put her hands up acknowledging she didn’t want those problems. 1-2-3. The faces entered the ring and celebrated.


McMahon comes back out and reveals the girls have impressed him enough to create 2 titles for the show. The World Title and a TV Title. The Champion for the World title will be crowned after an 8 person tournament.

That’s the show guys. I hope you enjoyed.


3 thoughts on “Fantasy Female RAW Opening Show #1

  1. Nice JOB your looks way more professional then mine. Looking to the 8 women tournament to decide the world champions

      1. I would. I will get my computer fixed SOON so I won’t have to do 3000 words on a tablet be much faster

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