We are almost there but we are here. 

No I’m not talking about X-mas, I’m actually referring to The New Year.

Granted it is a bit early to discuss New Years resolutions but this is the first time I’m setting one. 

A friend pushed me to make one and I agreed. My old belief was it was just another but now I see it as a new beginning. 


  1. Get an agent. For the past few months I’ve been searching for a literary agent and thus farno luck. Four rejection letters and 2 months of silence. I’m praying for a little closure on this subject, from them or self-publishing.
  2. Finish a novel. For NaNoWriMo in 2015 I started a novel. I got around 15k words (1/3 story wise) and have put it down since.
  3. Write a sequel. A friend convinced me to finish the story of the novel I’m shopping to agents. The cliff hanger ending has left people lukewarm, so I’m looking to redeem myself.
  4. Start a new Novel. I bet you guys are tired of the novel theme but oh well. I’ve decided to mimic a few authors by taking their advice of writing in a setting you know. So I’m creating a series that has the setting in the south.
  5. Continue this wrestling Fantasy League. A few days ago I’ve been added to a wrestling fantasy league full of women wrestling. It’s fun and hopefully I can use it slingshot me to full time writing again. The first time since my injury to my finger.

Thanks for tuning in and Happy Holidays!


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