Lately I’ve been running into several road blocks as I begin my second draft. My last post is one reason another reason is that I approach my novel different from my peers.

I really don’t want say how I approach my story but here’s (my guess) how others identify their stories: through characters. My approach seeing something cool in my head and putting it on paper.

Yes it’s the Michael Bay approach and yes I feel guilty about not knowing a structure of how build a novel. At a certain point he gave up on characters and put in robots.

I see my stories as a movie or TV series, where I can very slowly give the reader character back story. On my first novel these details came near the end and readers felt cheated (huge twist), but there was no other way for a reveal that didn’t make the ending predictable.

Characterization almost comes off easy for these people. To me they are writers where I feel like a nobody to these masters.

I haven’t created a character that jumped off the pages but I’m hoping my cast would come alive. Maybe my second novel would have more staying power but I don’t know.

Before I started this post I was ready to stop writing completely and it’s crazy how blogging is therapy. While writing,  I never feel progress. Yeah I wrote a novel but anybody can do what I did.  Yes it was hard  and yes it took 6 years but anyone can do this. With enough will power you can do anything, including creating compelling characters. 

I haven’t given up yet guys and you shouldn’t either. Thanks for the likes and subscribes.


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