Sorry guys for the lack of updates, I have been busy with other projects.

Recently, I asked my closest friend to give a rough assessment of me. I asked him to be honest and don’t sugar coat it. He said: Whenever faced with adversity I give up. YEAH. Something you never want to hear about yourself but what he said is true. I’ve dropped the ball several times because I felt it was too difficult. Sorry but not this time.

The purpose of this post was to tell you guys that there is nothing stopping me from finishing my novel. No day jobs, friends, parties, girls… nothing. Usually, I plan a trip to head out of town once a week, but not anymore. I won’t plan for another activity (except work) until I’m done with my novel. Which means no anything.

Unfortunately, I get my best writing in the mornings so I get in bed around 7pm and wake up at 1am. Sometimes it sucks, but sacrifices must be made to accomplish your goals.

I will knock out one novel at a time.

Currently at: 44K words

Thank you for following.


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