Follows 4 members in an unnamed thief ring mostly composed of college students.


SPENCER – The team leader is a graduate student. Where at the start of the story one of the team members is killed on a gig. He is distraught and believes he can never be a leader again.

ALISON – A graduate student who knows life and death life situations are part of the job. At the time she realized she’s ready for the next step in her life (retirement). Her boyfriend (JAMIE in the group) is on the opposite side of her yet he proposed to her.

SAM – First new member to the group since the death. Her first job is recruit a student named CHASE. She gets him to join but the two get romantically involved. She also is torn up about lying to him to get him involved.

CHASE – Freshmen who promised his 13 year old sister to try something new and promised his father not to try something that brings his sister down. Eventually SAM gets him to join the group where he’s conflicted on what to tell his sister.


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