Book Review for Ghosts of Belfast (Or The Twelve)



Ghosts of Belfast of Belfast is also Known as The Twelve, depending which region you live in, is a story that follows Gerry Fegan, a former assassin for the IRA. Fegan has been seeing ghosts (12 in fact) of people he’s killed. His decade long stint in prison was a place where the ghosts tormented him and prevent him from sleeping.

After his prion stint he goes to he bottle and as time goes by his old friends attempt to pull him back to his old life, albeit a watered down version (from planting jar bombs to threatening single woman to leave town).

Well one day a ghost gives him a visual cue to kill someone responsible for its death. Does Fegan follow through?

OK I will leave the plot there so not the spoil anything for but this story can get a little violent. Granted I like violence in books but sometimes the story gets a little extreme, like near the end, but its fitting for the character of Fegan.

Well since we’re talking about Fegan, he’s a flat character. Granted it does make sense in a way, the guy has felt guilty about killing innocent people and he can’t talk to anyone about it because they see him as crazy for seeing and talking to ghosts. As the story progressed he sees violence as fairly nonchalant but again it goes well with his all business personality.

The villains are total scumbags who you want to die. One is a complete coward and the other is similar to Fegan someone who’s a hard nosed street thug. The two are not afraid of anything¬† and make good adversaries against each other.

Onto my personal opinion: I received this book from my brother and all I knew about it was the back cover and said what the heck. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and I hope you will as well. 4 out of 5 or 7 out of 9

Thanks for reading!!!


Book Review: The Girl Who Played with Fire

Here is my long awaited review of Stieg Larsson 2nd book in his Millennium Trilogy.

Well I got what I wished for which is a backstory for Lisbeth. It was done so well, but I had one major problem… again there was not enough Lisbeth.

Ok before I discuss this part I must talk about the beginning. The first 40 or 50 pages felt like a seperate story. It was odd almost a short story, but it built up Lisbeth.

This was a story about finding friends. Lisbeth opened her heart and discovered the meaning of friendship.

The twist was great. I wanted to fight once I discovered it. My reaction:

Ok enough spoilers, I liked the first novel and loved this one.

9 out on 10

Or a 4 out of 5


So I just had one of those royally embarrassing moments. I have a neighbor and for a better part of a year I said she’s cute talk to her.

Well the opportunity finally presented itself for a talk. I was walking to my car she was looking at her phone about to check her mail.

Now I’m a polite guy so for whatever reason I’m jus standing in the driveway just staring at her. Feeling like a creep mind you. I’m waiting for her attention to come from her phone to her mailbox she’s about to run into.

It felt lik an eternity as I attempted to think of something to say. Well i saw her with a dog once before. Hey we could talk about dogs, because why not. I’ve never owned one and the thought of owning one has never crossed my mind but we can talk about dog breeds I don’t know anything about.

She looked up and waved and I said the worst thing possible.

You’re the girl with the dog right?

WOW! I said that! Total stalker words. It was awkward. Is there any coming back from that? No.

She said yeah went back to her phone.

Embarrassing? Yeah. Will it happen again? Sure. Can I expect another one word conversation with her? Probably.

I need to stop being awkward.

Thanks for listening guys!

Art of War

Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.

– Sun Tzu

This is a tough one because I’m not too keen on manipulating people but it sounds like: give no clues to what you do and keep your opponent in the dark

Coming Out

Recently I’ve finally came out from under the bed (not closet) I’ve told my friends that I’m bipolar and battle bouts of depression. They’ve been dealing with it pretty wellbut I have several concerns.

People constantly ask if I’m doing alright and after i give the generic: I’m good, I’m ok. They ask again and I honestly respond with: I’m making it.

There’s no going around this but I’m tired of feeling this way. So up and down but never constant. I was at a wedding and now we’re at the year’s eve and I should be at my peek but I feel tone deaf. Around a bunch of friends and I’m just here.

Someone mentioned maybe visit a doctor for some perscription drugs. I’ve taken enough legal drugs in my life totally including my addiction to ibuprofen (4 doesn’t do anything). I don’t know what to do.


Not too long ago I got myself tagged onto a female fantasy wrestling league. Unfortunately I fell short of my goal of 20 shows and a break. 

It put a ton of pressure on me and working 2 angles creatively  (this wrestling show and a novel series). Right now I’m on a break from my novel due to waiting for my Beata readers to get back with me.

I’m an outline freak so for the past few days I’ve got storyline outlined but it will retcon my entire show. A story from the very beginning  with more character development that is now story structured.

So instead of asking you guys for your blessing or reassuance to do something I want I’ll just do it and skip out the middle man.

I hope you guys enjoy the show!

January Book # 2

Book #2 of January was Hammer of Angels.


This was similar to the previous book in G.T. Almasi’s The Shadowstorm series (I think its a trilogy), the first being Blades of Winter.

The book is an action/sci-fi that takes place a year after the first (early 80’s although it doesn’t mention it, more on that later), in an alternate timeline. A version where America hadn’t joined WWII and Germany ceased control of most of Europe and upper Africa.

The story follows Scarlet, a bad a** augmented (robot limbs) Level (secret agent) and her crew of Darwin (the Brains), Raj (the muscle) and a few surprise friends throughout. Their job is to infiltrate Germany help and free resistance Jewish slaves.

The book contains a ton of action (one guy is stabbed in his man region), buckets of blood, strong language (the lead swears on every page) and a lead character with a snarky sense of humor, all gave the recipe for a very fun book.

Hammer of Angels gets a 4 out of 5