Not too long ago I got myself tagged onto a female fantasy wrestling league. Unfortunately I fell short of my goal of 20 shows and a break. 

It put a ton of pressure on me and working 2 angles creatively  (this wrestling show and a novel series). Right now I’m on a break from my novel due to waiting for my Beata readers to get back with me.

I’m an outline freak so for the past few days I’ve got storyline outlined but it will retcon my entire show. A story from the very beginning  with more character development that is now story structured.

So instead of asking you guys for your blessing or reassuance to do something I want I’ll just do it and skip out the middle man.

I hope you guys enjoy the show!

January Book # 2

Book #2 of January was Hammer of Angels.


This was similar to the previous book in G.T. Almasi’s The Shadowstorm series (I think its a trilogy), the first being Blades of Winter.

The book is an action/sci-fi that takes place a year after the first (early 80’s although it doesn’t mention it, more on that later), in an alternate timeline. A version where America hadn’t joined WWII and Germany ceased control of most of Europe and upper Africa.

The story follows Scarlet, a bad a** augmented (robot limbs) Level (secret agent) and her crew of Darwin (the Brains), Raj (the muscle) and a few surprise friends throughout. Their job is to infiltrate Germany help and free resistance Jewish slaves.

The book contains a ton of action (one guy is stabbed in his man region), buckets of blood, strong language (the lead swears on every page) and a lead character with a snarky sense of humor, all gave the recipe for a very fun book.

Hammer of Angels gets a 4 out of 5

January Book #1 Review

The first book I read in January was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Also, adapted to a movie…

…And another movie.

The story is about a down on his luck magazine publisher (Mikael Blomkvist) who’s just lost a court case for liable and slander by a wealthy industrialist. Mikael is grief struck with concerns of losing his magazine due to his drop in public image.

Blomkvist is given a lifeline from Henry Vangar, rival industrialist to the man who convicted him. Vangar has evidence his rival to give to Blomkvist but first he must do a favor for him. Mikael must write a biography about the Vangar family and uncover a 30-year mystery of his missing niece.

Mikael accepts and Vangar invites to his estate to conduct the investigation. Vangar is under the belief that she was murdered by a member of his family.

After months of research, Blomkvist has a few leads and realized he’s bitten a bit more than he can chew. He asks for a research assistant and is given oddball Lisbeth Salander.

Plot-wise that’s all I’m giving up, but I felt the story picked up when Blomkvist and Salander began working together. Granted they have their own storyline before they collide, but for about 50 pages the story felt stale. Even though I had seen both films, the book felt similar with the story picking up whenever Salander was on the page.

Lisbeth Salander jumped off the pages throughout the book. She was mystery slowly getting unwrapped only to be covered up again. She is the pumping heart of author Stieg Larsson’s work. If she wasn’t well written, then his work wouldn’t have been published.

By the end of the book, I couldn’t put it down to the point I was hooked. I would read Book 2 in the Millennium series but I promised myself I’d read two other books first (btw I haven’t seen the second Swedish movie so it should be a total surprise).

The translation was better than what people say. There are at least two versions of the English translation but I recommend to selecting the (Yellow) version of the pic above (NOT THIS ONE)

WHY? Because it still has some Swedish or European terminology. (Sorry for being American)

Overall I give The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, a 7 out of 10 or better a 3 out of 5.

Asuka VS Trish Stratus 

​Trish Stratus VS Asuka

The signature giggle of Trish echoed from throughout the arena as she made her way to the ring. Per JR, she was a fighting champion and carried WCW’s belt with pride. With a run of title defenses under her belt and a huge win over the surging Alexia Bliss, Trish chose to challenge the RAW roster. RAW’s GM Mr. McMahon accepted the Champ’s challenge and selected Asuka. 

JR: Trish Stratus is a tough competitor who has put all eyes on WCW and now the entire WCW locker room has taken notice, especially Alexia Bliss. Trish better look out.

JBL: She should keep her focus on this match. I can’t think of anyone on the RAW roster more dangerous than Asuka. If she doesn’t keep her head on straight and focus on Asuka it’s gonna be a long night for Trish.

Trish entered the ring and awaited her opponent. The Empress emerged from the gorilla position and leapt through the curtain through curtain and revealed herself to the audience. Dressed in her usual multicolored robe, she wasted no time and hurried into the ring. 

The two stood at opposite corners as JR continued to hype the bout, but as the clock ticked to Zero Hour the announcers went quiet. The bell ring and the two locked horns in a collar and elbow tie up. Trish had her in a side headlock where Asuka pushed her towards the ropes. On the rebound Trish gave her a shoulder block, knocking down Asuka but she recovered with a kip up and asked for another. Trish delivered a second attempt and the same results. ‘One more time,” Asuka said. The champ complied and on the rebound Asuka hit her with a hip attack. Trish was on her back when she saw Asuka imitating her taunt. The two smiled at one another as the Champ recovered and shook the tingly feeling from her finger tips. 

They locked together and began some chain wrestling led by Trish. After a few spots Asuka gripped her into her armbar, but Trish quickly got to the ropes. They back off each other and Trish charged her opponent but was met with a backhand kick to the mid-section. Asuka bounced off the ropes to finish her off with a running roundhouse kick. On the rebound, the kick miss contact as Trish performed her Matrix style bridge duck. She sat up and gave the Empress an Enzguri. Pin attempt 1-2- KICKOUT.

Trish puts her in a grounded headlock and slows down the dangerous Asuka. 

JR: This is where Trish needs Asuka. She needs to slow down this powerful locomotive and move this match at her pace. 

JBL: This is just a toll stop for the Empress. She’ll be up and running in no time. Who’s side are you on?

JR: I’m for healthy completion.

Asuka began getting herself out the headlock as she was on her knees and the champ was slightly crouched. The Empress countered the hold to a hammer lock, as Trish reached a mile for the ropes. The distance was too far so she opted to counter. One elbow to Asuka’s jaw slightly stunned her. Another ticked her off, so Asuka picked her up for a backdrop. Trish’s arm was still behind her back and her entire weight collapsed onto it. The announce team mentioned how this was part of Asuka’s plan: work Trish’s arm.

The Champ sat up but was met with a swift soccer kick to the chest. The kick echoed out the ring causing the fans to groan in pain. Asuka planted another kick to her opponent’s chest and the crowd reacted the same. The champ was slowly removing as Asuka grabbed her by the hair and propped her up to the suplex position and gave her a snap suplex. Trish tried to sit up but Asuka brought her down and dropped both knees on her worked arm. She kept one knee on Trish’s arm and arched her arm attempting to break it under pressure. Asuka eventually lets the pressure off and gets her in a wrist lock. She allows the Champ to stand but never releases the hold. While in her hold Asuka kicks Trish’s arm, further weakening it, but releases her. The Empress gave her a swift kick to the shoulder then whipped her to a corner. Asuka rushed her with a hip attack that dropped Trish to a knee. Asuka brought her upright and performed a few chest slaps. Once the crowd died down from their chanting of “WOOO!” she whipped Trish to the adjacent corner and nailed her with a flying knee. Trish collapses, cover.


Asuka hooks the Champ’s arm into an armbar and Trish was indeed under pressure. It didn’t take long for Trish to reach the ropes. The Empress released the hold and once the champ got to her knees, Asuka gave her a rhythm of kicks to the chest, dropping the champ. She taunted Trish with her own taunt and went to a corner. Trish followed her as Asuka was sitting on the top turnbuckle. The Champ gave her a few forearms dazing her opponent and attempted the Stratusphere. Her arm couldn’t support her weight so she fell on her shoulder. Trish rolled to the middle of the ring and turned towards her opponent. Asuka attacked with a hip attack from the turnbuckle. She then wrapped one of the Champ’s arm in a Chicken wing, but Trish countered out with elbows. She then performed a Chick Kick, where they both dropped. Trish didn’t have strength to go for a cover. 

The two used the ropes and pulled themselves up and locked eyes. They rushed each other and smashed one another with forearms. Eventually, Asuka got the upper hand and performed several of her kicks dazing Trish. The Empress then bounced off the ropes and came at her with a spinning heel kick. Trish ducked and upon Asuka’s recovery, Trish got her in the bulldog position and performed Stratusfaction. After delivery, Trish turned her over and attempted a pin, but Asuka countered with an armbar. Trish was nowhere near the ropes and was forced to tough out. She wrenched the hold for leverage, then she was hit with Trish’s belt. 

Alexia Bliss attacks Asuka with kicks and another hit with the title. She heads to the corner to attempt her finisher but is forearmed by Trish, then hit with a running bulldog. Bliss rolled out the ring in defeat. Trish helped her opponent to her feet and the two shook hands. 

Fantasy Wresteling RAW show #2

old-school-raw-logoJR: Ladies and We here on RAW sincerely apologize for our absence on Wednesday. We’ve been dealing with a snowstorm that put a hamper on our travel. So, for tonight we give you a fun show.

JBL: We love you fans.

JR: Tonight, we start the tournament and here’s what Mr. McMahon put together.

 Lita XXX
Natalia XXX
Becky Lybch
Cyborg XXX
Jessicka Havoc XXX
Asuka XXX
Mickie XXX
Charlotte XXX

JBL:  HA HA HA. I love it.

JR: It looks like Mr. McMahon has some faith in Cyborg maybe in the tournament we’ll have faith in her finishing a match.

JBL: Stop whining JR. Mr. McMahon is Ok with the locker room being afraid of her so they have to deal with it.

JR: She’s a bully who can’t finish matches.

JBL: I’m a bully too, so what’s your point?

JR: Well there we have it.

Asuka’s music hits and the announcers mention our first tournament match was coming up next.




We come from break with Asuka and Jessica Havock in ring as the ref searches Asuka for weapons. He started from her wristbands and to her boots, but she was ambushed by her opponent. Asuka fell to the corner and the ref crawled from under the two. Havock gave out some haymakers, leaving her opponent dazed enough to plant on the top turnbuckle. With a punch reared back, Asuka countered with a strait kick. Another attempted punch, countered again by a kick. After taking a step back Asuka did a cross body from the middle turnbuckle but landed in Havock’s arms. She turned that to a rib breaker to then to an Oklahoma Slam.

Pin attempt 1.2. KICKOUT.


She rolls Asuka over and drops an elbow on her lower back. She slowly gets up and drops another, then covers her for a 2 count. Havock clamps her in a camel clutch but never fully commits to the hold and quickly let’s go. Havock taunts to the crowd as Asuka slow recovers. Havock turns back and is attacked with a flurry of kicks and elbows. Asuka bounces off the ropes and is floored with a clothesline. A downed Asuka rolled to the apron where Havock stands on the bottom rope choking Asuka in the process. The ref gives her the illegal 4 count and Havock stops avoiding DQ.

The beaten Asuka rolls to the matt outside the ring, where Havock follows. Havock whips her to the metal barricade as the ref starts his 10 count. A slow crawl from Asuka towards the ramp was when the ref reached 4. Havock gave her light kick, giving Asuka the opening to lash out a flurry of kicks and strikes.

The ref counts to 10 and the two are DQ. JR and JBL are baffled a tournament match ended this way and turned over to break.




JR: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen and during the break Mr. McMahon revealed that despite the double count out the tournament will go on. We don’t know how he plans on advancing the tournament but we will push through.

JBL: If there’s a booker who knows how to how over these hurdles it’s Mr. McMahon.

The announcers shove us to the next match, a rematch between Sasha Banks VS Cyborg


Cyborg makes her way to the ring where JR mentions her Ankle Lock is her finisher and her Discus Elbow is her possible set.

JBL: An elbow that stiff aught a be your finish.

Cyborg crouched in one corner where Sasha’s theme blares through speakers.


This time Sasha was a bit more serious than their previous match, tried to burn a hole through her opponent. The two stood across each other where no one flinched. The ref called the bell and the two grapple. Sasha grips her head into a head lock and crouches to get a bit more leverage. Cyborg counters by pushing her towards the ropes where Sasha bounced from the ropes and rebounded into a clothesline attempt. She ducked under and gave her the Bank Statement, which is a double knee backbreaker transitioned into a bridging crossface.


Cyborg held on for a minute until clutching the bottom rope. The illegal hold got to 4 to where the ref pulled her off. No DQ but the ref gives her a warning.

The distracted Sasha left herself open where Cyborg gripped her in the Ankle Lock. Sasha grabbed the rope but again Cyborg wouldn’t let go. He next move was to crawl out the ring, but Cyborg followed with her grip still locked. Cyborg was cranking the hold to the point Sasha was in tears. The ref pulled her off and ordered her back to the ring as he checked on Sasha. Cyborg and the ref re-entered the ring and he began to count. There was no theatrical count here, just Sasha attempting to get back to the ring but collapsing when she put any weight on her leg.


As Cyborg walked back to the locker room she gave Sasha a look of disappointment.




Lita VS Natalya


Lita and Natalya are in the ring wait for the next match. JR and JBL mention how this is another match in the tournament and the match started. The two grappled until Natalyya gripped her with a hammer lock. Lita countered and turned it to a hammer lock of her own. The two turned that into a series of reversals where Natalya took the advantage with a drop toe hold, turned into a Sharpshooter attempt. Lita quickly wiggled her way to the ropes where they had a long rang stare down., Natalya at the center of the ring and Lita in a corner.


Natty rushed her but was blocked with a pair of knees to the chest. The opening gave her a chance to mount an offence, so she hoped on the middle turnbuckle and gave Natalya a tornado hurricanrana. With a downed opponent Lita gave the crowd a sly smile of confidence. By then Natalya got up and was ready for some offence of her own, but once she got to her knees Lita attempted her patented sweeping DDT. Natty lifted her up and slammed her into the corner, then proceeded to give her shoulder thrusts. The ref backed her off so she won’t be DQed and she got Lita in the suplex position, but Lita blocked by hooking a leg behind her opponent’s calf. She then got Natalya in an inside cradle for a 2 count. Natty quickly recovers and the two charge at each other, where she takes down Lita with a clothesline. She grabbed Lita’s feet and again attempted a sharpshooter, but countered into another inside cradle. She received another 2 count. Upon recovery Natty gave her a dropkick to her knee.

Natalya got her up and gave her a Perfect Plex, a move believed inescapable because you can’t lift your shoulder from the mat.

1.2— KICKOUT. Somehow Lita could reach the bottom rope. She rolled herself on the apron and Natty perused. Lita proceeded to DDT Natty on the apron and the two stayed recovered outside the ring. Around 5 Lita rolled in the ring and back on the apron, resetting the count to 1. Lita stood back on the apron and waited for her opponent to get on her feet. And once Natty was upright Lita hopped off and performed a Lou Theiz press. They returned to the ring at the count of 6. Natty brought her down for a Sharpshooter but again Lita wiggled her way to the ropes. She whipped Lita off the ropes and lifted her for a spinebuster, but Lita countered with a tornado DDT. Natalya was in the perfect position for a move from the turnbuckle. She hopped on the top rope and performed her moonsault for the win.

That’s all folks.

Fantasy Female RAW Opening Show #1

The show opens with the entire roster outside the ring. On commentary, there are JR and JBL.

JR: Tonight, ladies and gentlemen is the start of the brand war. Our opponent is:

JBL: Damn it, JR we can’t promote the competition. The last thing we need is their show drawing ratings and my check getting smaller.

JR: This isn’t about ratings, it’s about competitive Fantasy Wrestling. And besides, your check should be smaller because all you say is MANGLE MANGLE MANGLE. Read more