Done Deal

Guys and girls I just completed an edit on my 6th draft (maybe).

I did it as a challenge. In August a friend said I should be done in December. Well guys it aint even mid October and I’m finished.

What does that mean?

Is it sloppy or am I that ambitious?

I vote the ladder.

Ok for the remainder of the month I’ll work on the perfect query letter and prep for nanowrimo




Evil Dictator?

635995244393404007568025242_evil-bunny-rabbit-drawing-artistic-1920x1200-wallpaper87781Well, sometimes a playlist on shuffle will play two consecutive songs from the same artist, but when it plays two consecutive songs with the same theme that’s lucky or kinda…erie.

Yesterday my phone played Muse- Take a Bow

Muse – Take a Bow [Live From Wembley Stadium]

Following this epic about the responsibility and burden a politician must carry was this GEM

Tears For Fears – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – ORIGINAL VIDEO

Sorry Tears For Fears I’ll pass.

Editing woes

So this morning I finished putting red ink on my physical manuscript.

Woot woot!

Do you like the title?

It was a daunting task cleaning up my five year old baby, but once I got tue ball rolling I couldn’t stop. A friend wrote me in on being done by January but I’ll show him.

All thats left is the word file.

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Book Exerts

Lately I’ve been polishing my 2nd draft and I’m about 40 pages out and I wanted you guys to get a sneek peak of my story. Here are a few exerts from my manuscript.


Sean balled up his fists, “Its not a fight if its one sided.”       -Page 74


“Listen, I don’t know what to expect past the men’s restroom but its not Amanda,” Mark said as Sean’s stomach turned. “We’ve drawn our line in the sand and its her side against us. Are you with us or her?”       -Page 75


His target stared down the barrel of a .45, memorizing every scratch on the seven pounds of steel. He looked up at the gunman’s eyes, which were almost smiling.         -Page 88


“How good of a detective is Mark?” Roland placed his cigar atop the rail and stood up.

“Terrible,” Morgan said. “He couldn’t finde his dick if testicals were eyeballs.”

“Well at least you have time on your side.”      -Page 98


Then he heard the scareiest close range sounds of his life: the noice of a pump action shotgun.        -Page 182


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Story Blip

Now we have finally reached the plug for my story. Ok here’s the brief synopsis.


King’s Anarchy takes place in LA in the early 1990’s and follows a club of college age thieves, where AMANDA a drug addict, is on thouts with the group. She ponders on stealing the group’s FISHER ACCOUNT of a rumored million dollars, where half their income settled. As she showd interest so did elder member MARK who wanted to put her six feet under more than getting his money. Who will grab the group’s MILLION DOLLAR SCHOLARSHIP?

What do you guys think? Would you buy thst for a dollar? Or maybe 75 cent?

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Life Sucks…

Today my entire work life was twisted upside down due to realizing everyone at work is walking over me.

Looking back I ask how did u not notice this but I’m so job centered I ignore everything.

Just like I ignore how at work I’m surrounded by assholes who pick on me and was even once called a turd.

Good thing I welrite to keep my sanity or I’d have killed myself.

Book Review for Ghosts of Belfast (Or The Twelve)



Ghosts of Belfast of Belfast is also Known as The Twelve, depending which region you live in, is a story that follows Gerry Fegan, a former assassin for the IRA. Fegan has been seeing ghosts (12 in fact) of people he’s killed. His decade long stint in prison was a place where the ghosts tormented him and prevent him from sleeping.

After his prion stint he goes to he bottle and as time goes by his old friends attempt to pull him back to his old life, albeit a watered down version (from planting jar bombs to threatening single woman to leave town).

Well one day a ghost gives him a visual cue to kill someone responsible for its death. Does Fegan follow through?

OK I will leave the plot there so not the spoil anything for but this story can get a little violent. Granted I like violence in books but sometimes the story gets a little extreme, like near the end, but its fitting for the character of Fegan.

Well since we’re talking about Fegan, he’s a flat character. Granted it does make sense in a way, the guy has felt guilty about killing innocent people and he can’t talk to anyone about it because they see him as crazy for seeing and talking to ghosts. As the story progressed he sees violence as fairly nonchalant but again it goes well with his all business personality.

The villains are total scumbags who you want to die. One is a complete coward and the other is similar to Fegan someone who’s a hard nosed street thug. The two are not afraid of anything  and make good adversaries against each other.

Onto my personal opinion: I received this book from my brother and all I knew about it was the back cover and said what the heck. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and I hope you will as well. 4 out of 5 or 7 out of 9

Thanks for reading!!!